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 Hybrid JSL v1.1 for 9000 base OS v5.0.0.900

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PostSubject: Hybrid JSL v1.1 for 9000 base OS v5.0.0.900    Sat Dec 04 2010, 15:17

Hybrid JSL v1.1 for 9000 base OS v5.0.0.900

This is meant to install over the following OS:

Bold 9000 Rogers Official Release:

- Make a back-up of your device using BlackBerry Desktop Software
- Wipe your device using BBSAK
- Install the Official release from Rogers Wireless
- Install JSL 9000 v1.1 using the installer package.
- When Shrink-a-OS starts, choose the OS in the drop down menu at the top and shrink as you wish.
- Run the loader.exe by clicking the 'Loader' button in the Shrink-a-OS app.

***Important!! Remember to delete vendor.xml if your carrier is NOT Rogers Wireless before the last step!***

This build consists of
- only 6 necessary files used from .900
- Supports all languages. (Does not include Chinese text input)
- Includes all stock apps and games that were included in the base OS
- Extra Apps Include: Dcom Mobile App, Speedtest, Ubertwitter, foursquare, Weathereye, and Player for YouTube

Known bugs: None! Ironed out whatever issues the initial vip release had.

The first couple reboots will take a longer than normal, specifically the first one. Battery life may not be optimal until the device settles. If you have it loaded and are experiencing problems, consider wiping and reloading.

Download here : http://driphter.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1037

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Hybrid JSL v1.1 for 9000 base OS v5.0.0.900

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